Attending a Sale

Here are some tips for when you are getting ready to attend one of our sales;
Have Fun! We love what we do and want to share every house’s treasure with you.  We have the below rules to make each sale pleasant and fair for everyone attending.  Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate your business.


Parking:  Please follow all normal parking rules when attending a sale.  Do not block driveways, including the house that is having the sale!  Mailboxes and fire hydrants should also be kept clear at all times. 

Our driveway is for loading furniture only.


Line to get in:  Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, lines will form to get into the house.  Most sales, once the door is open, everyone can come in.  We do not have a list or numbers.  Some people will make a list Saturday morning, but we prefer that when you arrive, you get in line and hold your place. 


Pricing: All prices are firm; we do not negotiate at any time.  All items are full price all day Saturday and Sunday morning until 11:45am.  If you wish, you can leave a bid on an item more than the Half Off price and then we will auction the item at 11:50am.  Otherwise, any items available at 12:00pm Sunday become half off unless marked Firm - such as vehicles, gold, and real estate.  


Forms of Payment:  We accept Cash only.  We can accept credit cards for orders over $100, and there is a charge of $2.  Otherwise, we can hold items 30-60 minutes while you run to the cash machine.


Large Items/Furniture:  All items are U-Haul, U-Load.  If you wish to purchase a large item or furniture, plan to have help and a truck.  You are welcome to purchase the item and arrange pick up by Sunday at 4pm.  Also recommend bringing tools if item needs to be disassembled; any at the house usually sell quickly.  When you are ready to purchase, please bring the orange paper price tag to the register to pay, you will then receive a sold sign to write your name and number on if you are picking up at a later time.


House Rules:  All houses are enter at your own risk.  There can be unforeseen dangers and dangerous items for sale.  There are also lots of breakables, which you will be held accountable for if broken.  We prefer children and pets not to be allowed into the home to avoid most of these unpleasant transactions.  During our sales we have wireless security cameras that we can see live, and they are also recording to an offsite location at all times.  This helps us reduce our prices because we have less stealing and can hold people accountable for their actions at all times. 


50% Off Sale: We close at 11:45am on Sunday for 15 minutes and reopen at 12:00pm for the “Half Off” sale.  During the time we are closed we will auction off items in the house that have a bid - i.e.: anything that was priced over $100.  If the item does not sell during auction, then it goes to the half off price and is available once we reopen, except items marked Firm – such as vehicles, gold, and real estate.  You cannot "hold" anything prior to our closing and then purchase at half off - any piles found will be disbursed throughout the house.